Don't sweat the small stuff.

...or the ambiguous stuff... ...or the crazy stuff... ...or the headache stuff... ...or the I-just-can't-even stuff...

Get perfectly matched executive support so you can focus on what matters most.


Our Sapphires take on whatever is causing you headaches, so you can focus on growing your business and enjoying your life. It’s like they wave a magic wand, eliminating the noise so you can be more productive and intentional with your time and energy.

From front office support to executive strategy; from accounting assistance to marketing aid; you’ll get the things you don’t have time for – or just don’t like doing – off your plate and out of your worries. When all is said and done, you’ll be inspired again to grow, innovate, and flourish – in life and in business.

What we do

Why leaders choose Sapphire Partners

Personalized Matches

We match you with a trusted assistant who feels like an extension of your brain, so your time and energy are optimized for success.

Business Acceleration

We take on the stuff in the periphery so you can save time and stay focused on growing your business.

Global Service

With service in multiple time zones and countries, our EAs are available to support you anytime, anywhere.

Balance and Happiness

Balance and happiness (Capitalize the "H" in the word "happiness) The secret to your success and happiness lies in balancing work and life. We take a holistic approach to support your needs so you can focus your time and attention on what matters most to you.

Executive Assistance

Get front office support for things like scheduling, email support, event planning, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, staff relations, and so much more.

Executive Assistance


Chief of Staff

This high-level role is growing in popularity and encompasses everything that you would expect from an executive assistant along with a number of focused 'hats' that are tailored to you and your company. The Chief of Staff is a special role and one that anticipates complexity and strategy.

Chief of Staff


Happy clients ... Great businesses to work with!

"My Executive Assistant protects my blocks of time. I now have six hours a day that is blocked for the kids and family."
"Hallie has consistently had my back from day 1. Before working with her, I would have overlapping meetings, meetings after work hours, and my calendar was very chaotic. Hallie has not only brought order to my daily life but watches for future conflicts and resolves them before they even arise."
"We are getting more done than I could do for myself, and I now know that I do not have to do everything. I am eager to start stretching Kimberly; I feel like I am just scratching the surface."
Eryn Anitavi

What can we help you overcome?

We help companies stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.
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