Oscar Konya

Oscar Konya

Professional: Organizer and planner, empathetic, patient, diligent, open-minded, asking questions, scientific and spiritual; caring, precise and punctual (but allow to make mistakes & learn), stubborn rarely.

Personal: Running, coffee, travel for new cultures, homemade jam, music, shelter dog + love for nature, balance for family vs. career; no sugar/smoking/alcohol, vegetarian, believer (and doer) in justice, a pacifist, and ahimsa at heart and mind.

It is what it is

Oscar's Bio

Wake to the sound of nature but check your AD’s click-through rate: all part of the game. I’m in love with challenges, enjoy working with numbers and planning with people. My career shifted between coaching and training, project and event management, customer support, direct assistance to CEOs, to company building. All through SMEs, the Corporate sector and civil society within, mainly, the industries of IT, internet, eCommerce, and similar.

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