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Eryn Anitavi

Owner, founder, entrepreneur.
With 20 years of business experience, my priority is to provide effortless solutions for all your professional pains by truly listening to your goals, your company’s vision, and what is preventing optimal success. I value relationships first and it’s my commitment to you that defines my work ethic, my determination, and the cheerful disposition that makes communication a breeze. 

The entrepreneurial mindset (innovation, impact, and global awareness) is deeply rooted in my heart and with a penchant for taking care of my clients and putting other people first, freelance EA work (general admin, calendaring, email/task management, document creation) is a niche that will keep growing as the global economy continues to move digital.

Executive Assistants

We’re a small team of high-level, operations and executive professionals who are available on-demand and as-needed, whether you need 3 hours a month or 3 hours a day. We work on a base hourly rate although we’re happy to explore a set membership package if you prefer this. We’ve partnered with specialists in all administrative fields for that extra, one-stop-shop edge including business coaches who will work with you and your EA to provide that extra boost towards your goals and vision.

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Alessandra Celio

As a hospitality management professional and sommelier since 2005, I’ve been delivering outstanding hospitality and customer service experiences to clients. My outgoing personality and enthusiasm for customers; satisfaction lead to a keen ability to provide accurate and detail-oriented service.
My experience in the hospitality industry means I’m able to deal with high-pressure environments with ease and positivity. I never shy away from challenges, and my ability to be flexible and solution-oriented means I’m energized rather than defeated by them. I bring these skills to my role as an executive assistant, combining proficiency in operations management with a broad set of administrative skills.

<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/ameliemazoyer/">Amelie Mazoyer</a>
Amelie Mazoyer

I’m passionate about helping my clients grow their businesses and dedicated to making sure they get the results they’re looking for. Each brand has its own personality and voice, and one of my favorite things about my job is being able to channel their unique “self” across platforms to help them reach their target customers.

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Bettina Bettati

A human-based approach is my specialty. I love supporting my clients’ goals by helping things run smoothly and finding personalized solutions for any problem. My best abilities are raw determination, creative thinking, production, project management, logistics, human resources, communications, and multicultural relations, with more than 25 years of eclectic experience in the areas of social science, arts and culture, non-profit, and government. I am also a bilingual native English and Spanish speaker, seasoned translator, and simultaneous interpreter.

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Brittany Pedersen

As a former business owner with a diverse professional history and entrepreneurial spirit, I have unique skills that set me apart from other executive assistants. I’ve spent over a decade on personal and professional growth and have knowledge and experience in many facets of a business. My professional history includes working as a Merchandise & Financial Manager for an International Performance Arts organization, Executive Assistant and Clinic Manager for an acupuncture clinic, Division Sales and Recruiting Manager for a marketing company and Regional Manager with a multi-level marketing company. I’ve been self employed for various business ventures, co-owned a boutique fitness studio and am a certified Holistic Health Coach. I’m extremely detail oriented, flexible, efficient and easy to work with. I excel at multitasking and am able to anticipate the needs of business owners. I consistently deliver the tools necessary for you to achieve a finely tuned work-life balance, and my mission is to help you stay focused on tasks that help you and your business thrive.

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Earl Almeida

My passion is helping people find solutions … sometimes to problems they didn’t even know they had! With over 20 years of experience in sales, leadership, and management in B2B and B2C, working in direct sales, digital marketing, commercial cleaning, and business advising, my default is critical thinking with an eye towards efficiency. I value relationship, responsiveness, and streamlining where possible. I have experience in event management and financial administration on a range of different levels, and in my free-time, outside of sports, gardening, and woodworking, I have been known to make a spreadsheet just for fun. 

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Giulia Caracausi

Always working with people and for people” is my motto!

Over the years, I have performed administrative duties in companies operating in a variety of industries. I have worked in the rewarding world of start-ups to help them grow and bloom. I also have experience supporting operations within multinational organizations. By consistently maintaining an open-minded approach, I focus on organizational management and customer service. My strategy is a balanced combination of listening and observing, finding order in chaos and ensuring proactive engagement. As every business is unique, I tailor my organizational approach to the needs of leaders and teams.

<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/hallie-flores-a7ba581b5/">Hallie Flores</a>
Hallie Flores

Whether an Executive, a CEO, or a Salesman; I enjoy working with individuals that are open minded to make changes.  Change is difficult for everyone in their own way and with my chaos coordination skills combined with a specialty in organizational management from a psychological perspective the needs of each client are specific and personalized.

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Jonathan Miller

I have a strong focus on interpreting, organizing, refining, and communicating information among teams. I take in this information and develop a well thought out solution to keep them moving forward and bring the bigger picture to fruition. I keep teams focused on the important information, and eliminate the chaff to create a clear goal to achieve. 10+ years experience in product research, testing, ordering, and sales as well as client/customer/team interaction. 

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Julia Younker

Efficiency. Teamwork. Detail. These words describe my work method. My focus is organizational management, incorporating both an analytical and a creative mindset. As a nonpracticing attorney, I am sensitive to deadlines and detail, whether it be proofreading, creating content or making last minute task pivots. I carefully listen to the leaders respond in a timely manner. I am able to discuss “tough” issues and ask questions when needed. Let me assist you in the manner your business needs to grow and expand!

<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliesonderegger/">Julie Sonderegger</a>
Julie Sonderegger

I love to help create and maintain order from chaos. No matter the challenge, I’ll help you find the calm that moves business forward, for each person, no matter how large or small the situation.  Consistency and steadying the path ahead… from behind the scenes or out in front, I will always be there to support you and your team.

<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelli-brooke-569814125/">Kelli McCloskey</a>
Kelli McCloskey

Hi, I’m Kelli! I love hiking, rock climbing, riding my bike and traveling. I live a car-free life in Portland, OR and have visited 14 countries and counting. After ten years as an event organizer in the music industry, my work style is a bit more rock’n’roll — and I rock at details! I specialize in helping artists, musicians and other creative professionals manage their day-to-day details to clear the way for their art to flourish unhindered. I am skilled at calendar management, email management, logistics coordination and content creation. 

<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/kendria-moore-77582229/">Kendria Moore</a>
Kendria Moore

Productivity maven, Kendria Moore, brings 13+ years of both administrative & business expertise to her position at Choose Sapphire.
Born in Orange County, CA, Kendria didn’t let a comfortable upbringing lull her into a false sense of security. Inspired by her parents, who were hard workers, she was determined to create a legacy for herself in business. She completed both a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Full Sail University and a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
Before Sapphire, Kendria has a long history of C Suite Executive Assistant experience. Being the executive assistant to a CEO in a major technology company for 6+ years has allowed her to hone her project management, board communication, presentation, customer relationship, financing, and administrative skills.
Away from work, Kendria is herself a talented singer and has performed for the mayor of Mission Viejo county. She loves to read, sing, and spend time with her family and her miniature poodle, Expresso. She also dabbles in real estate and is an aspiring real estate investor.

<a href="https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimberly-stovall-40354610/">Kimberly Stovall</a>
Kimberly Stovall

I am efficient in business administration for executive level management, graphic design, and relationship enhancement and equally possess analytical and creative thinking skills. I perform duties with a high degree of initiative and independent judgment in developing, evaluating, and presenting presentations, conceptual graphic design, and content creation. With a pleasant and extroverted personality, I am an effective communicator who can stimulate and motivate others while being aware of and responsive to their needs and concerns.

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Oscar Konya

Working with people in various industries has been a major part of my career, for the near 20years looking back. From project & event management to coaching& training, customer support, to directly assisting leaders in building companies from scratch, is something I enjoy very much. I’ve grasped experience from civil society NGOs to Governmental institutions, SME’s and startups to corporates. Other than this, IT in general, tech & apps, eCommerce and similar, are my ‘second love’, professionally.

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Ritchelle Gilbert

I can’t wait to assist you and your business, and see what we can achieve together! It’s always been my objective to give 100% of my energy to whatever project or task I am performing, doing so with precision and mindfulness. I’m adaptive, steady and methodical. Whether confronting winds of change, stormy waves or calm waters, I’m prepared to accommodate your crew and help you navigate your ship. I’m eager to use the skills I’ve assembled working in niches such as management, behavioral health, and museum administration to help you succeed.

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Valerie Tomlinson

Working with Sapphire Partners has been a pleasure.  I enjoy adding value to CEO’s by taking on tasks allowing the CEO more time grow the business.  My expertise is in accounting and finance.  Sapphire Partners has leveraged this and matched me with some wonderful clients.  It is a win win company for the client and the EA.

Executive Coaches

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Fabrizio Ricciardi

If you are passionate about what you do and you want to make a difference; if you want to improve your personal and professional life, achieve your goals and desired outcomes; if you are at the crossroads of your professional life and need to make important decisions, I would love to work with you.

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Gaelen Poage

I enjoy working with clients who want to develop their capacity for reflection and curiosity. They may be great at discipline, analysis, and motivation; but they are eager to have a wider perspective, to enjoy and be curious about the evolution of their team, their company, and themselves.

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Tim Green

I most enjoy working with clients who have good internal focus of control and an openness to learning. Be prepared to act and come to the table without excuses (because I’ll call you on them…constructively). We’ll focus on finding solutions and making pre-emptive plans to overcome challenges. When you commit to something and you fall off the wagon, forgive yourself instantly with kindness, make a plan for next time, rinse and repeat in a Kaizen Do.

Next Steps…

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