Chief of Staff

Our Sapphires take a holistic approach to executive assistance, supporting you in business and in life. They’ll do everything, from managing your calendar in real-time, to coordinating your office retreat, to finding the perfect appreciation gift for your hard-working team.


Level 1

A CoS is a professional who can help a CEO oversee operations within a company. The role involves developing a trusted partnership with the leadership, ensuring efficient time management, smooth operations, and provide advice on important decisions and customers/clients.

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Call management

Trusted w/individual & company credit card

Knowledge mapping

Operation improvements

Project management

HR Support


Social media & content creation



Level 2

A chief of staff of this level is a valued advisor, someone with a keen understanding of your company, who can act on behalf of someone in a position of high authority, and be responsible for managing executive support staff. In many cases a CoS may be available to travel with the executive, as well as, assist with reports, press releases, branding and marketing efforts, among others.

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Prepare financial documents/reports

Hiring and training

Staff coordination

Travels with executive

Branding and Marketing

Media and press releases

Making decisions on behalf of executive


Direct Hire

Do you like your EA or CoS so much you want to hire them directly?
Do you want to train an external assistant to become a stable part of your team?

This option is available too!

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