Executive Assistance

Our Sapphires take a holistic approach to executive assistance, supporting you in business and in life. They’ll do everything, from managing your calendar in real-time, to coordinating your office retreat, to finding the perfect appreciation gift for your hard-working team.


Level 1

Our remote EAs can free up valuable time by taking over daily tasks and activities. Some time-consuming tasks can be easily delegated with just a few onboarding sessions, easing your daily routine and focusing your time on other priorities.

If you need help for a few hours a week or a part-time EA, this level may be for you.

Email management

Scheduling and calendar organization

Reminders for important meetings / events

Data entry

Time tracking

Travel planning

Make personal appointments

Meeting notes & agendas



Level 2

Our remote EAs can assist with higher complexity activities. Level 2 EAs can coordinate activities, and help you develop and optimize current operations. If you need help with delicate tasks, coordinating a project, someone who can effectively communicate with clients or customers, and support internal operations, this level may be right for you.

Calendar optimization

Time optimization

Staff coordination

CRM management organization

Project coordination

Event & retreat planning Social media management

Basic accounting work


Direct Hire

Do you like your EA or CoS so much you want to hire them directly?
Do you want to train an external assistant to become a stable part of your team?

This option is available too!

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