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We are looking for skilled individuals who share our core values, Trust, Excellence, Joy, Attentiveness, and Empowerment. If this sounds like you, we'd love to hear from you. Please fill in the form below and upload your resume.

It's absolutely rare to work with a company like Sapphire Partners, where there's so much care and support,while keeping it professional and goal driven, both from internal leadership and clients!
Sapphire Partners is a wonderful company to work for if you're a go-getter who is self disciplined, professional and doesn't need to be micromanaged. Sapphire isn't your typical EA or VA firm, they work exclusively with high caliber clients and expect excellence from any Executive Assistant / Chief of Staff on the team. Internal leadership works hard at finding a good fit for leaders and executives and is always willing to provide insight, support and guidance when needed. If you're a seasoned EA looking for a firm to join or if you're an admin professional looking at a new opportunity, I highly encourage you to submit your application for review.
Working with Sapphire Partners is the best career decision I've made! I admire the owner's dedication to cultivating a great culture. Despite the fact that I work remotely, I constantly feel connected, which isn't by chance. It's easy for me to thrive in this environment because it helps me develop as an individual and perform at my best for my leaders. Our team not only believes in sharing knowledge, but the organization also provides excellent opportunities to grow and learn. What's more, we are carefully matched with leaders based on our work styles and personalities. Do you enjoy receiving praise for a job well done? With Sapphire Partners, you'll appreciate how much you're valued. We are held to the highest of standards and are motivated to perform at our best. At the end of the day, we know we've given our leaders everything we've got. Are there challenging days? Yes! But, because we're Sapphires, we all rise to the occasion.
Joining the Sapphire team has expanded and strengthened my skill set. I get the extreme gratification of helping others achieve their company goals and potential. We are all from different backgrounds and parts of the world. I have never worked with such a diverse group of people and love every moment of it. This is the best career choice I have ever made.
There are so many great things about working for Sapphire Partners, but my personal favorite is the variety of clients and opportunities available. I've learned so much from my clients and have grown both personally and professionally from being a Sapphire.
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