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Our Sapphires will be your most trusted confidant and collaborator, working alongside you toward a common goal – the success of your business and the richness of your life. We offer a set of standard support packages to best fit your needs. The time you use is flexible. Consider us the light switch for support – no minimums, no maximums – just exactly what you need when you need it.

Executive Assistance

Get front office support for things like scheduling, email support, event planning, travel arrangements, bookkeeping, staff relations, and so much more.

Executive Assistance


Chief of Staff

This high-level role is growing in popularity and encompasses everything that you would expect from an executive assistant along with a number of focused 'hats' that are tailored to you and your company. The Chief of Staff is a special role and one that anticipates complexity and strategy.

Chief of Staff


Our Support Packages


EA 1 - Administrative Assistant
$ 45 Hourly*
  • Requires a clear laid out plan of tasks w/in their skill set/expectations
  • Reports directly to the CEO
  • Meets regularly but briefly w/leader for a directive purpose
  • Does not give advice to leader
  • Somewhat autonomous
  • Excels with concrete, defined tasks
  • Hesitant to move outside of their comfort level
  • Calendar management
  • Email organization
  • File organization
  • Travel arrangements (hotel, airplane, car rentals, meals)


EA 2 - Executive Assistant
$ 60 Hourly*
  • Encompasses all aspects of EA 1
  • Excels w/uncertainty
  • Autonomous
  • Understand key players in the company
  • Ability to take the puzzle pieces of a project and complete said project appropriately and within the understood timeline
  • Travel arrangements (Hotel, Airplane, car rentals, meals)
  • Able to get results without assistance from the CEO
  • Follows up with the direct reports to the CEO (Takes initiative and notices aspects that need to be followed up on without being asked)
  • Event planning


COS 1 - Administrative
$ 75 Hourly*
  •    Encompasses all aspects of EA1 and EA2
  • Does not give advice to the CEO and has no direct reports
  • Comes from an EA role
  • Lower EAs report to this role
  • Meets regularly but briefly with the leader
  • Transactional
  • Project management experience
  • Preps pre-work
  • Relationship Management
  • Assists/Manages special projects
  • Assists in multiple areas of the company
  • Exceptional communicator
  • Handles follow-up
  • Attends board meetings
  • Maximizes efficiency with little to no change
  • Understands and is passionate about the company


COS 2 - High Potential - Future Senior Manager
$ 99 Hourly*
  •   Encompasses all aspects of EA1, EA2, and COS1 1
  • Managerial/Senior staff member
  • Gives high-level approvals within the company
  • Reports directly to the leader
  • Regular meetings with leader about all issues whenever possible
  • Advice is expected on a range of topics
  • Manages small groups with in the company to whole department
  • Strategic
  • Operational
  • Guides CEO through uncertainty and risk
  • Political intelligence
  • Project-oriented
  • Assists in many senior level areas within the company
  • Relationship Management throughout several levels within the company
  • Strategic
  • Academically researches
  • Tracks competitive activity
  • Direct client contact/interaction
  • Manages project creation/change quickly with no assistance
  • Implements existing strategies with minor changes
  • Simplifies complexity
  • Excels in thinking/problem-solving analysis
  • Executes ideas/strategies
  • Assists in cultural agendas with intense change
  • Anticipates and averts problems within the company
  • Grasps adding value
  • Strategic implementation/communications
  • Takes initiative on the CEO’s behalf not only with direct reports but also clients, board members, etc
"Giulia is just amazing. She already got one of the videos done that we're working on and I didn't have to correct anything, it was perfect. Saved me about 10 hours worth of work at least!"
Hanah Brasch
Hanah Brasch
Chicago IVF
"Oscar and I have a good routine/process going and he’s staying on top the day to day tasks. We check-in with each other 2-3 times a week or as needed when new things come up. He’s always very responsive and that is much appreciated."
Cameron Shelton
Cameron Shelton
Drink LMNT
"So far so good. We're just settling into the groove. Personality-wise, we're a good match and Earl did a great job of handling a small project I sent his way while I was out on vacation last week. Obviously, I'm running with scissors and trying to figure out how to effectively bring Earl into my world, but on the whole, I'm happy!"
Danoosh Kapadia
Danoosh Kapadia
Eryn Anitavi

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