About Us

We are a Seattle-based company with a global reach.

Sapphire Partners was born out of a desire to help you achieve your dreams. We are your collaborators, your advisors, your secret magical source.

We believe that you can live your fullest life while leading your organization. We’ll help you find balance, more time to innovate, grow your business, and succeed.




Our Core Values


Rest easy knowing that you can depend on us to earn your trust and take care of the things you don’t have time for.


We are seasoned professionals dedicated to delivering results and quality work every time.


Our job is to make your life easier and more balanced so that you have more time to have fun.


We anticipate your needs and get things done before they’re even on your radar.


We eliminate the noise so you can be free to innovate, dream, and grow.


We’re a wondrous group of dedicated professionals, superb assistants, and spectacular executive coaches. We’re bound together by a desire to help make your dreams a reality by anticipating your needs, increasing your capacity to grow and delivering excellence every time.



Founder and CEO

Each team member is a Sapphire…
a precious gem who shines apart from anyone else


We have a different definition for an executive assistant than what is considered typical, which sets us apart. We’re creating a niche blend between executive assistance, chief-of-staff, director of operations, coach, and business partner. It’s a tall order for anyone, and we know that.

Our Sapphires have a unique sparkle… a drive, and a passion for creative thought. We’re not afraid to try new things, and we’re not afraid to push the bar. We’re each leaders in our own right. We have amazing skill sets and the ability to bring some very special magic to the leaders with whom we work.

You do not hire us only to do what you tell us. You hire us for that spark. You hire us because we do more. You hire us because you want to be challenged. You hire us because you want someone who thinks outside the box. You hire us because you want that extra push.

We keep this knowledge on our mental desktops when working with our leaders. We don’t file it away, we don’t get complacent, and we don’t get stuck in the rut of expectation. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries, always questioning, always thinking of a better way, and we are your greatest ally. This role of ‘executive assistant’ is truly special, and that’s the way it’s treated.

We promise to cherish this and defend it with every ounce of our being. This is what defines us, and this is what makes us Sapphires.


Eryn Anitavi – CEO/Founder

Let’s achieve your vision…together

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