Any Questions?

Who hires a Sapphire?

Our clients include CEOs and founders, co-founders and partners, advisors and consultants, public speakers, investors, team leaders, and entrepreneurs in diverse areas and markets.

How can you help me?

We offer a variety of services customized to fit your needs, our aim is to help you achieve the vision you have set for yourself and your company. We offer several levels of assistance for short and long term goals, and specialized solutions for specific issues or roadblocks.

What time zones can you cover?

We’re available anytime, anywhere. Our Sapphires operate in multiple time zones so that we can support you wherever you are. Let our global presence work in your favor.

Can I hire someone for a few hours a week?

Of course! Our team is available on-demand and as needed. Our goal is to help you be your most productive self and help advance your company, project, or endeavor.

How do I chose?

Our fabulous Sapphires are unique, brilliant professionals. They each have their areas of expertise but share common attributes – a desire to see you and your company thrive, and a commitment to dedicating their talents to achieve that. Meet the Team!

What are best practices for efficient knowledge transfer?

If you’re intimidated by the idea of bringing another person into your space, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a seasoned executive who’s done this before, or just starting on this path, efficiently getting a Sapphire involved in your business without burning too many paid hours can be tricky, we can suggest things you can do, to help us help you.

How do I successfully transfer tasks and projects?

Let’s find out where you need the biggest impact: time, revenue, relationships, administrative tasks? What is your bandwidth and how do you manage time and tasks? Your Sapphire can help you prioritize and streamline, free up time, optimize calendars and agendas, assist with travel, and so much more…

Pitfalls to avoid
  • Communication.
    Establishing an effective working relationship becomes a rough path if you’re not chatting with your Sapphire for 5-15 minutes at least three times a week. However, once you have a good flow and have made it through the bulk of the learning curve, you will easily be able to define with your Sapphire, a communication rhythm that works well.


  • Feedback. Your Sapphire needs to know what you expect or need from him/her. Whether positive, negative, or neutral, sharing feedback will strengthen your relationship and knock significant time off the learning curve.
Is my Sapphire a good fit?

We love goal planning, so we create a baseline for priorities and goals at the start of your relationship. We do quarterly reviews on accounts to measure KPI’s and goal achievement on the baseline. Then, we adjust that baseline as we go, or at the beginning of each new quarter.

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